The 10 Ways Smartphones Are Impacting Our Children’s Growth

Smartphones affect teenagers more than mere addiction to these devices. In this article, we will discuss the detrimental effects smartphones have on our teenagers. Some of these effects can exacerbate existing problems. To prevent this from happening, book an appointment at Insight Substance Abuse Treatment Center. We deal with smartphone addictions, too.

1. Eating disorders

With more emphasis on physical appearance, unrealistic standards are being set. At Insight Substance Abuse Treatment Center, we strive to talk to teens and help them realize why they should feel confident about their bodies.

2. Less efficiency at work and school

Smartphone devices are a big distraction in every situation. As they became more accessible, we saw teens across the globe take less interest in studying and being their best at work or school. It’s a serious problem that we haven’t yet addressed.

3. Relationships are not what they used to be

Flirting and other normal rituals in communications with potential partners are almost dead. Instead, teens show their romantic interest by liking comments, texting and openly making sexual jokes. It’s a different world now.

4. More competition

Smartphones made education available to everyone. Online courses, pdfs of textbooks and other tools allowed teens from across the globe to educate themselves. With more available tools, the competition has also increased.

5. A lack of patience

Children nowadays don’t face many challenges. They seem to panic when the power is off, simply because they are unable to charge their phone. Our experts for teen help in Sherman Oaks and Pasadena, CA are well-versed in providing anger management therapy to teens. It’s a notable side-effect of excessive smartphone usage.

The 10 Ways Smartphones Are Impacting Our Children’s Growth

6. Traditional dialogue is dead

As the internet is a widely available tool, teens just don’t prioritize discussion anymore. Instead, the priority is to win an argument. Since every social media website has some metric, people strive to chase likes, reactions, and retweets instead of truth.

7. Life is easier

On the other hands, teens now have more time than ever. With targeted advertising, they can find items to their liking more easily and accomplish their goals.

8. Changing linguistic capabilities

A teen in 2019 in much more linguistically versatile than teens from 80 years ago. Computer skills, abbreviations, gaming, and other smartphone-related features have bestowed a myriad of new skills upon the average teen.

9. Fame is the Holy Grail

Sadly, the smartphone era has taught teens across the globe to try and be famous. Instead of improving themselves, teens focus on improving their looks and image on social media.

10. Decreased attention spans

Social media and other smartphone-related novelties have introduced a new distraction in teenage lives. Performance at school is at an all-time low because of an inability to disconnect.

Are you noticing your teen’s life is made difficult by their smartphone? Visit the “Contact us” page on our website and schedule an appointment at Insight Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Pasadena, CA or Sherman Oaks. Sometimes, all a teen needs is to talk and vent. Don’t hesitate and seek help.