The Best Drug Rehab For Teens in Hidden Hills

Finding out your child has a drug addiction can be an incredibly heartbreaking experience for a parent to face. However, it is crucial to get help for your child, instead of just blaming them, or shaming them for the mismanagement of their life. While you may be tempted to simply become a stricter parent or restrict them from social situations with their peers, if your child truly has a substance abuse problem, this might simply exacerbate their illness. Instead, it is important to pair supportive parenting with a drug rehab facility that you can trust to help your child through the difficult recovery process. At Insight Treatment we are known for our hands on methods for helping your child learn how to overcome their substance abuse. Read on to learn more about Insight Treatment and why we are considered the best drug rehab for teens in Hidden Hills.


Intensive Outpatient Program


At Insight Treatment we know that not everyone can commit to being locked up during rehab, away from their life, especially if they have goals that they wish to accomplish in the near future. Which is why we provide our patients struggling with substance abuse with the option to take part in our intensive outpatient program, where they will meet almost everyday, even weekends to work on their drug abuse recovery. The treatment focuses on life skill building, relapse prevention, mental health assessment, family, social and professional dynamics.


Teen Group Therapy


There is absolutely no reason why your teen should feel alone during their treatment process. At Insight Treatment, we have seen wonderful results from our patients who join our teen group therapy sessions. These sessions allow for your child to vent with people who are dealing with similar issues as them, and one of our licensed counselors will be their to help them figure out health ways to deal with their substance abuse. By being around people who are struggling the same way that they are, your teen will be able to feel a little less alone in the daunting recovery process.


Your child’s life is just beginning. Do not let a disease, or a few mistakes early in their life, control the destiny of your child. Bring them to the best drug rehab for teens in Hidden Hills, Insight Treatment. Call us at 800-599-8820 to turn your child’s life around. Don’t wait, call us today to set up an appointment!