Using Remote Teen Help in Pasadena to Understand Your Teen’s Concerns

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is adding a lot of stress and pressure to our daily lives. This manifests in different ways across people of various ages, of course. While parents may be struggling with making ends meet financially or with taking care of their younger kids, teenagers might be having trouble adapting to the ongoing stay-at-home orders and the consequences of isolation. This is obviously not going to be an easy time for them, for those feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, and being misunderstood will only be intensified by not being able to see friends and go out on weekends. It’s important to understand where their problems are coming from and to deal with them from a place of empathy. That is why at Insight Treatment we are trying to offer teen help in Pasadena throughout the duration of this unexpected situation.

Understanding What Your Teen Is Going Through

Think back to what being a teen was like. Put yourself in your John Hughes mindset and get back in touch with what it felt like to be young, confused, and lonely. How often did you rely on your friends to get you through family or school issues? How much time did you spend hanging out outside your home in order to temporarily escape whatever it was you were going through? How many times did you just need to take a walk to clear your mind and avoid your parents for a bit? Probably a lot, huh? Now imagine that you can’t. You can’t go out, you can’t leave your house, and you can’t meet your friends. This is bound to contribute a lot of negative feelings to that preexisting sense of isolation and solitude that comes with being a teenager. It can’t be easy, can it?

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How Is Your Teen Dealing with This?

At Insight Treatment, we are getting a lot of questions from concerned parents whose teens are acting out in response to the current circumstances. Maybe they are having trouble adapting to remote education, or maybe they ignore social distancing guidelines and sneak out to see their friends. A lot of parents’ natural instincts might be to chastise their kids, lashing out and antagonizing them. This is understandable, as we all are under a lot of stress. However, it’s encouraged to approach the issue from a place of empathy and understanding. Just like you are facing a lot of problems right now, your teenager is too. They are not doing this to antagonize you or to disobey. They are, at the end of the day, dealing with their problems in their own way. 

Getting Remote Teen Help in Pasadena

That’s not to say you should let them do whatever they want. After all, they might be putting themselves at risk. You want to protect them, which means making sure that they stay inside, put effort into school, and avoid contact with others. But this will be very hard to do if you don’t understand where they are coming from and help them deal with that as well. This isn’t easy. It’s not like we have dealt with something like this before. At Insight Treatment, we can help you out. As part of our free virtual resources for parents, we are providing online teen help in Pasadena. This way, you are not alone in this situation.