What Support Groups for Teens Can Do

Support Groups for Teens

Does your teen seem to struggle with self-confidence? Has it felt as if your teen struggles with shyness, isolation, and so forth? Those are just some of the mental health struggles that our support groups for teens can help with. Here at Insight Treatment, we are strong believers in the power of teen support groups. That’s for many reasons, not the least of which is that they work. There are plenty of benefits for your teen to be in a support group with others their age who are dealing with the same struggles. 

Teens Who Really Benefit from Support Groups 

In the 30+ years that Insight Treatment has been helping teenagers, we’ve found that just about every teen who walks through our doors can find benefits from our support groups. That said, we’ve found they can be especially helpful for those who may be struggling with bullying issues, being rejected by their peers, managing their anger, feeling shy/anxious/depressed, and having similar concerns. Our positive support groups can help teens to work through those issues, identify them, and ultimately, overcome them. 

“A Gym for Social Skills” 

That’s not a perfect analogy. But, in many ways, that’s what our teen support groups can be like at times. In these groups, they’ll be interacting with other teens their age all while, at the same time, all of this is being moderated by our trained professionals. This all works to create a welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable, and everyone can stand up for themselves without giving in to peer pressure. So many teens have found the ability to assert themselves in a positive way in these groups, which, in turn, leads to them being able to do so in their day-to-day lives as well.

More Confidence and Less Stress

Teenagers in general, (but especially those who may be struggling with their mental health) can keep their feelings inside, often because it can be difficult to communicate the emotions they’re feeling. That’s particularly true when these emotions are new when they’re feeling them for the first time. Thus, in these groups, we can work with your teen to strengthen their communication skills, to develop those. Then, that can lead to your teen feeling less stressed, less anxious, and more capable to be able to face the challenges and embracing the opportunities of their day-to-day life. 

Support Groups for Teens

Beyond Support Groups for Teens 

The teen support groups that we offer can be beneficial, but they’re just one way that we can help. Indeed, they’re just one of the groups that we offer. We have plenty of support groups for families as well. In those groups, parents can talk to other parents, to see what’s worked for them, to share advice, support, and much more. Each Insight Treatment is designed to be the kind of clubhouse environment where teens can be themselves in. To schedule a free clinical assessment, call or message us.