Where the “Support” in “Teen Support Groups” Comes From

Teen Support Groups

Do you worry that your child has mental health issues? Does it feel like your child is always alone and struggles to make friends? Adolescence can be challenging for everyone. Even the most gregarious and outgoing teen can have difficulty with peers from time to time. However, there are some teens for whom mental health struggles make it more difficult than most to develop and maintain healthy, positive relationships. Teen support groups are a major part of treatment here at Insight Treatment for a variety of reasons. 

Communication and Confidence 

In our well-moderated teen group therapy, everyone will have a chance to speak, to express themselves. These groups are a safe, secure way for your teen to grow their social skills, and to be themselves around others. It’s not a perfect analogy, but they can be similar to a gym but for social skills. Here, in an environment overseen by trained, adult professionals, they can grow their social skills for the first time or strengthen those which may have atrophied, all while receiving treatment for their mental health concerns. 

Better Social Skills The Right Way 

We believe that support groups for teens should involve, well, teens. So, in these groups, teens see and interact with others who are going through the same challenges they are. Thus, they know, in a real, powerful way, that they aren’t alone. Thus, they’re able to better relate to and connect to someone who is on the same journey they are. They can see someone further along the journey than themselves and, in time, see more recent additions who are where they were only a brief period of time ago. All of this can lead to lasting, sustained growth in multiple facets. 

Less Stress and More Fun 

The last paragraph may have used quite a bit of jargon, but the truth is that coming to Insight can be fun, too. Yes, treatment is always paramount, the focus of what we do. Yet, for teens to truly get the most out of treatment, they have to be in an environment where they feel welcomed, where they feel safe. Thus, we’ve done everything we can to develop a true “clubhouse” atmosphere here at Insight. There are different teen-friendly amenities at each Insight location. A climbing wall, video games, foosball, a guitar, a dog, and more – there’s something for teens to enjoy at each Insight Treatment, which works hand in hand with treatment. 

Teen Support Groups

More Than Teen Support Groups 

Support groups and group therapy are a major part of what we do. Yet, we offer much more than that. Indeed, our intensive outpatient treatment also has support groups for parents as well. Should your child require school support, the structure of a day program, and more, we can provide that as well. For a free evaluation or to learn more, you can reach us through our site or call (888) 295-9995