Three Indicators That Your Teen Needs Therapy

indicators that your teen needs therapy

With some teenagers you may find that they go through their adolescence years without much trouble. However, with others puberty may come swiftly and in a manner that causes a child to change and nothing feels the same for the parents. You may find as a parent that

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Reasons Why Adolescent Group Therapy is Crucial

adolescent group therapy

Today’s teen can greatly benefit from the opportunity to meet with a therapist to discuss topics ranging from sexual identity, relationship problems and family issues. You may notice that you teen has become withdrawn or is more quick to anger than they once were. They may suddenly be

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Self Harming Co-Occurring Disorders in Your Teen

teen support groups

Self-harming is characterized as the purposeful action of creating physical self-harm without the internal on suicide. This behavior (cutting or burning) is common with teenagers and adolescents due to underlying emotional issues or the absence of coping skills.  Self-harming is used as a way for your teen to

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How to Address Normal Teenage Behavioral Problems

insight treatment

Teenagers aren’t always easy and being a good parent can include trying times filled with uncertainty and confusion. You want to create a trusting, close relationship with your kids but it can mean facing many different roadblocks on the way to that destination. Teenagers dealing with behavioral problems

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