Causes of Addictions and Behavioral Disorders

Author: Henry Funk

People who are addicted either with disease or any other intoxicated substance like drugs, alcohol or any other psychiatric disorders; they need to face problems in their lives in future like health/medical problems, legal problems, relationship problems, or the employment problem. Those people who are addicted for them it is very difficult to overcome from it. They are so much addicted toward these addictions that they do have control over their mind about what they are doing and involved in.

Clearview is the place where people can have control over their life with these problems. They are specialized in the treatment of addictions, dual diagnosis, and mental health disorders. They provide services related to –

  • Detoxification
  • Residential Inpatient Program
  • Residential Extended Care
  • Residential Extended Care
  • Dual Diagnosis and Psychiatric
  • Outpatient Programs

Their services designed to assist you in not just getting sober or making behavioral/psychological changes, but in developing a healthy, production, and rewarding lifestyle. They also specialize in helping with mental illness whether or not you have a substance abuse problem. Their program begins with a comprehensive assessment that evaluates the individual’s functioning in multiple areas. Assessment tools include a bio-psycho-social-spiritual assessment as well as psychiatric evaluation, medical evaluation, and psychological testing as needed.

Their assessment includes:

  • Drug & Alcohol Use
  • Behavioral Addictions
  • Codependency Patterns
  • Mental Health Disorders & Psychiatric Status
  • Trauma Issues
  • Eating Disorders
  • Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity
  • Family Functioning
  • Social Relationships
  • Physical Health & Fitness
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Vocational & Educational Needs
  • Legal Problems

Most of the Clearview treatment programs will focus on the immediate needs of the patients, while failing to help you reintegrate into your family environment, community, and workplace. The stressors brought on by returning home or to work play a huge role in emotional and substance abuse relapse. Their dedicated staff is always committed to provide the most innovative and effective treatment possible to their clients to overcome from the addictions and behavioral disorders. Their staff is continuously involved in research and the development for treating addicts and they are almost successful in most of the cases. Definitely these researches will one day clarify all of these questions leading to both better forms of treatment and prevention.

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