Lesser-Known Signs Teen Counseling in Los Angeles May Be a Good Decision

Teen Counseling in Los Angeles

Do you think your child may benefit from counseling but you don’t know if it’s the right call right now? Does it seem that teen counseling in Los Angeles is a good idea yet you want to be sure? These are perfectly reasonable concerns. You want to be sure that your child would get something out of counseling, yes, but you also want to be certain that they’re getting counseling at the right place (and from the right people) too. Below are some of the lesser-considered signs that teens would be great candidates for counseling. 

Sudden Changes 

While the teen years are a period of rapid changes and growth, changes that are too sudden and negative could be a sign that your child would benefit from counseling. Many parents have brought their teens to counseling when their grades dropped precipitously and over a brief period of time. Parents have done the same when their teen’s sleeping patterns changed dramatically and negatively quickly too. Some when the teens slept too much and others when the teens slept much, much less. Dramatic changes in eating could be a sign, too: whether it’s starvation or eating too much. Each could be a sign that your teen could use some help. 


When we say “self-harming,” many parents just think of behaviors, actions, and physical evidence of the type. And yes, a teen that cuts or otherwise harms themselves (through abusing toxic substances, risky behaviors, and the like) could probably get a lot out of counseling. However, it could also be in what a teen says, too. A  teen that’s become obsessed with death openly talks about suicide, and more could be someone for whom counseling could greatly help. 

Isolation Beyond the Norm

Teens need time to themselves. There’s nothing wrong with a teen going home, closing their door, and being by themselves for a while. However, when they’re exclusively by themselves or seemingly cutting themselves off from the outside world, that could be a sign that something is wrong. If your teen isolates too much, stop going to activities that they enjoy and ceases talking to friends and family, then counseling is most likely the best way to go. Some “alone time” is necessary, but too much can be a genuine concern. 

Teen Counseling in Los Angeles

Teen Counseling in Los Angeles that Can Help 

The above are all symptoms that our counseling has helped with. For so many teens, these behaviors are just symptoms, which are the result of an underlying cause. Here, our counseling can work to help teens discover exactly what those underlying causes might be. Then, from there, we work with the teens to help them better cope with those underlying causes. These strategies can help today as well as long into the future. For a free evaluation to see how we can help, you can reach us through our site or call us at (888) 295-9995