How a Clubhouse Environment Improves Mental Health Treatment for Teenagers

Mental Health Treatment for Teenagers

Have you been looking for a teen treatment facility but find yourself saying: “my teen would never actually want to go there?” Does it seem like every treatment center you find was developed for adults and not teens? Many years ago, our founders thought more or less the same thing. Thus, when Insight Treatment was designed, it was made to be a place that could provide counseling and mental health treatment for teenagers and teenagers alone. That’s just one of the reasons that we’ve been able to help so many over the years. 

A Place for Treatment 

Our intensive outpatient program was built to be exactly what it sounds like: an intensive program that helps teens to recover and grow. Then, they return home at night. We believe that so many of the negative behaviors teens exhibit are negative coping mechanisms, each with underlying causes. Our experienced pros work with teens to find exactly what those underlying causes are. Then, we equip teens to be able to better deal with those in a healthy, positive way. 

A Place for Socialization 

The above has been said, when your teen is here at Insight Treatment, they aren’t just sitting through lectures and counseling all day. Far from it. For teens to truly feel comfortable, to be able to open up and grow, we’ve found that they need to be in a safe environment that involves other teens. Thus, we have plenty of teen support groups, too. In each of these groups, teens learn how to better communicate, express themselves, develop self-confidence, and connect to others while learning from and with them. It’s one more way that we can help teens to grow. 

A Place for Growth 

No matter which Insight Treatment location is nearest you, each has programs designed to provide both support as well as structure. That’s what the intensive outpatient program can provide, as well as the school program, the school support, the day program, and more. Additionally, we’ve found that, for teens to have the most positive outcomes, it’s important to have resources for the parents to be involved, too. Thus, we have plenty of parent support groups and more, so that the entire family can better connect to the child. That way, all can grow together. 

Mental Health Treatment for Teenagers

Proven and Effective Mental Health Treatment for Teenagers 

When your teen is struggling with mental health, it can be difficult for every member of the family. Certainly, these last few years have been challenging in different ways for everyone. For more than three decades, however, here at Insight, we’ve been able to help teens from all walks of life gain confidence, control, and grow in ways that help them in adolescence as well as beyond. For a free evaluation to see how we can best help you and your teen, you can message us through our site or call (888) 295-9995