Eating Disorder Signs and Symptoms

Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder

How can you recognize the onset of an eating disorder in someone you care about?

You may notice:

– Changes in your son or daughter’s eating habits.

– Avoidance of meals or overeating at meals.

– Withdrawal from friends or families.

– Agitation regarding questions about dysfunctional eating habits or weight gain/loss.

– Increased preoccupation with appearance.

Signs and Symptoms (behavioral, emotional, psychological)

Anorexia Signs & Symptoms:

– Self-starvation with weight loss

– Intense fear of gaining weight

– Refusal to eat or eating only specific foods

– Distortion of Body Image / preoccupation with body

– Continuous dieting / denial of hunger

– Frequently weighs themselves

– Compulsive exercise

– Absence of menstruation

– Sensitivity to cold

– Excessive facial/body hair and/or hair loss

– Food rituals

– Wearing baggy clothes to hide body shape

Some possible psychological signs

– Over-Achiever

– Perfectionism

– Low Self-Esteem

– Mood Swings

– Sleeping problems

– Self worth based on body

Bulimia Signs & Symptoms

– Preoccupation with Food

– Distortion of Body Image

– Food binges

– Eating in secret / hoarding food

– Being in the bathroom immediately after eating

– Running Water in the bathroom to hide sounds of vomiting

– Yo-yo dieting

– Self-induced vomiting

– Abuse of laxatives, diuretics, diet pills

– Compulsive exercise

– Weight fluctuations

– Damaged teeth and gums

– Abnormal bowel functions / flatulence/ constipation / bloating

– Scarring or calluses on the back of the hand or fingers

– Swollen salivary glands

– Broken blood vessels in the eyes

Some possible psychological signs

– Reacts to emotional stress by overeating

– Feelings of guilt and shame about eating

– Depressive moods or other negative emotions (shame/guilt/self-loathing)

– Self-worth based on body

– Over-achiever / Perfectionism