Insight Treatment Discusses Mental Health Struggles, Divorce, Narcissism

Insight Treatment Discusses Mental Health Struggles, Divorce, Narcissism 1

The Insight Treatment Center, an intensive outpatient facility in Santa Clarita and elsewhere, focuses on building relationships and repairing damage caused by mental health struggles, including the topic of narcissism.

Insight Treatment Center is the place to go when you or your teen need some advice in repairing your life after struggling with mental health.

“At Insight Santa Clarita, our teens will be able to enjoy a beautiful and peaceful warehouse where they will attend treatment with their families,” the Insight website reads. “Our warehouses are unique and different from a traditional IOP, giving us ample space to be creative and spread out.”

This week on the Insight Treatment Hour, licensed psychotherapist Steven Unruh spoke about the controversial topic of narcissism and its effects on family dynamics.

“A narcissist,” Unruh said on air. “Here’s a couple of characteristics: mainly, they take no responsibility for any of their actions. Number two is that they have no empathy.”

According to Unruh, narcissists never consider themselves to be at fault, whatever the situation may be. A narcissist can be either male or female in a relationship dynamic.

Insight Treatment Center is known as a Santa Clarita intensive outpatient treatment center for teens and their families battling mental health issues, disconnection, addiction, and more.

A place designed with the goal of healing families and creating a community focused on healing alongside one another, Insight Treatment and its amazing team want to help guide families to reconciliation and connection.

Insight Treatment Discusses Mental Health Struggles, Divorce, Narcissism 2

Sometimes all parents need is a better understanding of their teen and their struggles, and sometimes all a teen needs is someone to bridge the gap between their thoughts and how they express them.

The top-notch staff and counselors at Insight Treatment want to see your family find connection and enjoy thriving relationships.

Many parents may find that meeting with a counselor or a therapist can make all the difference in relationships with their teens. Learning when to connect, how to set boundaries, how to gain new communication skills and more.

To reach out to their team and find out if Insight Treatment is the answer for your family, visit their website by clicking here.