Insight Treatment for Teen Alcohol Dependency

Insight Treatment

Experimentation is treated like a rite of passage for many teens. As parents, we may not like this, and may even attempt to prevent it from happening, but there is a point where we surrender to acceptance–our kids may dabble in vices like alcohol before they’re 21. We

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How to Address Your Teen and Alcohol

alcohol counseling los angeles

When it comes to being a parent the teenage years can be compared to the terrible twos. They’re unpredictable, they throw fits, they have huffy silences and depending on the day it’s either the parent or the child in the role. Who can blame you for getting angry,

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Looking for Pasadena Help for Substance Abuse

The insidious nature of drugs has worked its way into the lives of millions of people today. Whether it is illicit drugs bought on the street, or prescription or over-the-counter medication that gets abused, drug addiction can tear apart a family and destroy lives physically and emotionally. When

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Teen Rehab in Pasadena

Teen Rehab

Finding a Teen Rehab in Pasadena Alcohol and drug abuse is not just an issue that millions of adults deal with every day; there are also many teenagers that are facing the same issues and pressures each day. The pressures felt by teenagers today are numerous and often

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