Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Southern California

teen drug and alcohol rehab
Does it seem like there aren’t any teen drug and alcohol rehab facilities that are, well, for teens? Have you researched different facilities in the Southern California area, and all of them seem to be for adults and also take teenagers? It is this exact thing that was one of the many reasons we founded Insight Treatment many years ago. We wanted to make a facility that addressed every aspect of a teenager’s life so that they could get the kind of lasting care and treatment they needed. Today, we have facilities throughout Southern California that can do exactly that. 


A Safe Environment at All Times 

“A safe environment” can have many definitions. For the purposes of helping teenagers to deal with substance abuse and mental health issues, it could mean “a safe environment to express themselves, to grow, and to learn.” Additionally, it can mean that it’s “literally” safe; no harm will come to them here. Now, during the pandemic, it also means “safe from the virus, for teens and staff alike.” All of our facilities meet each of these definitions of “a safe environment” and more. When teens are here, they’re completely safe and secure. 


Van Nuys and Pasadena 

While all of our Insight Treatment facilities are safe, secure locations for teenagers, they also each have their own distinctive charm. For example, our Van Nuys facility is a warehouse space. Even before the pandemic, there was plenty of room here for teenagers to socialize, doing all kinds of activities, playing games, and the like. Pasadena, on the other hand, is a stately, beautiful Craftsman house. With an old-world, down-home charm, it promotes a different kind of comfort, another kind of warm support. No matter which facility your teen goes to, they’ll be made as comfortable as possible. 


Santa Clarita and El Segundo 

During the pandemic, while we have begun virtual meetings, we’ve kept our in-person locations open, too. There are many reasons for this, but not the least of which is the recognition of just how important peer-to-peer relationships are for teenagers. Quarantine and “locking down” is tough on everyone, but can be especially so on teenagers. At our facilities, in Santa Clarita, El Segundo, and elsewhere, teenagers can engage in these peer-to-peer meetings safely, all while getting the care and treatment they need. 


Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Modesto and More 

As of this writing, our facility in Modesto is on the verge of opening. When it does, it will be just like our other facilities, in that it will provide plenty of space for teenagers to learn, be treated, and engage with each other safely. The Modesto facility will also be like our others in that it too will have its own distinctive charm. If you’ve been thinking that your teenager might benefit from treatment, there truly is no better time than now to reach out to a professional. To talk to one of our professionals, call (888) 295-9995.