Teen Help in Sherman Oaks for Schooling

As Summer fades into Fall, are you concerned about your child going back to school? Does your child struggle with addiction or some sort of mental health issue and you’re worried about how they’ll do in a traditional school environment? Many parents who have brought their kids to Insight Treatment over the years share those same concerns. Those are just some of the reasons that we started “Insight Academy.” With that, kids from all walks of life could get the help they needed in terms of overcoming addiction and mental health concerns in addition to education assistance as well. 


Day Program 

That’s what we call our therapeutic, drug and alcohol-free day school program. There are some teens that, for many reasons, are best served by being out of a traditional school setting. That said, they might also not be best served by home-schooling or something similar. Hence, the Day Program. Here, teens who are also attending Insight Academy for addiction issues, mental health issues, or something similar, are also continuing their education at the exact same time. 


Supportive, Education Environment 

Many parents, when they first hear about the Day Program, tend to think of it as something lesser than their child’s school, as if the Day Program offered inferior education or something similar. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our Day Program is fully accredited, with private or public distance learning and independent studies programs. Moreover, these are specifically designed to offer various levels of coursework depending on the student’s exact needs. That way, we’re able to put together a lesson plan that helps your child to learn what they have to and develop the skills they’re going to need. This also all happens, of course, while they’re receiving the treatment they need from Insight Academy’s professionals. 

teen help in sherman oaks


Working Together to Find Solutions 

Like everything else here at Insight, the Day Program is designed to be a safe, supportive environment. Just like our other forms of treatment, your child will be surrounded by peers going through the same experience as well as top-notch tutors and counselors. In fact, the latter will communicate with your child’s school to ensure that your kid’s educational needs are always being met. That includes working towards graduation requirements as well as college plans. As with so much else here at Insight, parents are kept in constant communication. We’ll update you about your child’s academy progress. That includes providing guidance about when and how your child should re-enter a traditional school setting when appropriate. 


Teen Help in Sherman Oaks and Beyond 

It’s important to note that a teen does not have to come to the Day Program to receive treatment at Insight Academy. We have helped so many teens over the years to find what the root causes of their issues were and then ultimately overcome them. We offer the Day Program as it is one more way to help teens as well as their families. For a free clinical assessment, call us at (888) 295-9995. 

Whether it’s for addiction or mental health issues, we provide teen help in sherman oaks and elsewhere at (888) 295-9995.