The Best Teen Rehab in Beverly Hills

The Best Teen Rehab in Beverly Hills

No one expects their child to face a problem that can completely ruin their health and future. Substance-abuse, self-harming, eating disorders and other risky behavior can leave your child feeling like they are alone in this world with no one to turn to. At Insight Treatment we make it our mission to provide top notch care for teens that need some professional help to get their mental health where they want it to be, and bring their life back on track. We provide a variety of support groups and productive methods to help your child become their very best self.Read on to learn more about Insight Treatment and why we are considered the best teen rehab in Beverly Hills.


Getting Started

At Insight Treatment we know that the first step to recovery is identifying the actual issue that might be going on with your child. Which is why we start out our treatment process with an in depth evaluation by one of our on staff psychologist. Many times if your child is involved with at risk behavior such as substance abuse, or self-harm, those actions are merely a symptom of a much larger issue. During this evaluation we try to understand the the level of psychological problems, emotional problems, behavioral problems, family issues, social functioning and drug and alcohol use by connecting with you and your child. After our comprehensive evaluation, we will create a personalized treatment system for your child. Trust Insight Treatment to provide your child with the help that they deserve.

Insight Academy

Some people will need more intensive help than others, and might benefit from being pulled out of their normal background in order to recover in the best way possible. At Insight Treatment, we understand that education is still important for your teen, despite what might be occurring in their life. Which is why we provide Insight Academy, a drug-free academic setting that allows your child to enroll in an accredited public or private distance learning program while still getting the treatment that they need.


Your child’s life is just beginning. Do not let a disease, or a few mistakes early in their life, control the destiny of your child. Bring them to the best teen rehab in Beverly Hills, Insight Treatment. Call us at 800-599-8820 to turn your child’s life around. Don’t wait, call us today to set up an appointment!