Teen Counseling for Depression: More than Just Rehab

teen counseling for depression

Does it seem like your child has mental health issues that, despite everyone’s best efforts, seem to be worsening? Have therapists and other medical professionals tried to treat your child’s symptoms yet, even after some success, they seem to come back? It can be an awful, powerless feeling

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How Teen Support Groups Help in Teen Rehab

Teen Support Groups

Have you been researching rehab facilities for teenagers and none of them seem like a place you would want your teenager to go? Are you looking for teen rehab but don’t want to just drop your kid off at some facility? The truth is that you can’t be

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Real Teen Counseling for Real Teen Issues

teen counseling

Are you looking for teen counseling for your teen but all of the available options seem like they were designed for adults? Does it feel like everything for teenagers wasn’t really made with them in mind? That’s what we felt when we looked at the Southern California counseling

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Mental Health Counseling for Teenagers

mental health counseling

Have you been researching mental health counseling for teenagers yet it doesn’t feel like any of the options really stand out? Does it seem like each Southern California teen treatment facility has all of the fun and personality of an office building? At Insight Treatment, we understand that

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Counseling for Troubled Teens in Modesto is Here

Counseling for Troubled Teens in Modesto

Have you been looking for counseling for troubled teens in the Modesto area but can’t find anything that you feel is good enough for your teen? Does it feel like everything that says it “offers treatment for teens” just looks like it’s offering treatment for adults? At Insight

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Insight Treatment Hour- Autism, Asperger’s, and More

Autism Asperger’s

Excerpt: On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour Autism, Asperger’s, and More – January 18, 2021 On this episode of the Insight Treatment Hour, Frederik Schulin, Owner of Insight Treatment, talks to Nicole Moore, LMFT, Founder of The Center Method; Dr. Ali Arena from The Center Method, about autism, Asperger’s, and more. Nicole and

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