The Transformative Power of Role Models in Counseling Teens

Impact of Counseling Teens In LATeenage years are a time for exploring, figuring out who you are, and learning more about yourself. For many kids, these years are led by people they look up to as role models. Whether it’s a teacher, coach, celebrity, family member, or even a professional counselor A teen’s choices, beliefs, and goals are shaped a lot by good influences. But why do kids want to be like the people they look up to? At Insight Treatment we believe that Counseling Teens is a great way to not only help them during turbulent times, but it’s also a chance to leave a positive influence for the years to come. 

The Science Behind Role Modeling

Every person is born with a natural desire to imitate what others do. From the time we are babies, we try to act, look, and sound like the people around us. As teens, this tendency to act like others changes into a more complex form of imitation. Teenagers are especially affected by their surroundings, which include the people they look up to. Neurological studies have shown that when people watch someone they see as a role model, certain parts of Their Brains become particularly active. This explains not only why teens might dress or talk like their favorite celebrities, but also why they might be moved by a teacher’s passion or a coach’s discipline. Through imitation, they not only pick up certain habits but also come up with goals that can help them make decisions in their own lives.

How Problems with Drugs and Behavior Distort The Selection of Role Models

Unfortunately, not every impact in a teen’s life is a good one. Drug use and behavior problems can skew a teen’s view of the world and make them more likely to be drawn to bad role models. These bad effects can come from peers who make drug use look cool, celebrities who make bad behavior look normal, or even adults who don’t set a good example. People often turn to these people because they want to be understood, accepted, or get away from their own lives. Here lies the challenge for those who work with kids as counselors. How can we get them to look up to and want to be like good people when they are caught up in the draw of bad ones?

Insight Treatment’s Take on Counseling Teens

When working with teens, Insight Treatment takes a dual approach. Our therapists use this knowledge of the power of good role models along with evidence-based treatment methods. With years of experience, Insight has seen how powerful and life-changing teen group therapy as well as counseling teens can be for teenagers who are dealing with drug use or mental health issues.  By offering a range of group types, from process groups to experiential ones, and covering diverse topics like trauma, substance abuse, and self-esteem, Insight ensures a holistic approach to healing.

At Insight Treatment, group sessions aren’t just like normal counseling meetings. These sessions are led by trained and licensed experts and are designed to meet the needs of each teen. Whether a teen is struggling with depression, anxiety, or something else, Insight’s dynamic method makes sure they get the help, understanding, and direction they need. Using a variety of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy and art therapy, our staff tailors treatment to the specific requirements of each teen, paving the path for lasting improvement.    

A Unique Take on Teen Rehab from Insight Treatment

Insight Treatment is not just another name for therapy and counseling teens in Los Angeles. When you visit Insight Treatment you know that we’ll make sure that our clients get the best care possible by making sure that every group is led by a therapist with a master’s degree or doctorate who specializes in different types of therapy. The variety of group topics makes sure that every teen’s problem, whether it’s depression, anxiety, trauma, or drug abuse, is dealt with in a precise, caring, and knowledgeable way. Insight stands out because it focuses on personalized care. This makes it a top choice for families in LA who need support.

Counseling Teens

Casting a Lasting Legacy Through Role Models, Rehab, and Rejuvenation

We cannot overestimate the power of role models to change people’s lives, especially when they are joined with a caring team as well as effective therapeutic approaches like those used at Insight Treatment. Teens look up to positive role models because they make them want to be great and because they help them get better. By recognizing the importance of these guiding stars and incorporating counseling teens into therapy, centers like Insight are changing the futures of a lot of teens. We’ve been working with adolescents for a long time, and we’re always looking for new, cutting-edge ways to help them and their families.   If you would like to meet with a member of our staff or have your situation evaluated in confidence, please call us.