Counseling for Troubled Teens in Modesto is Here

Have you been looking for counseling for troubled teens in the Modesto area but can’t find anything that you feel is good enough for your teen? Does it feel like everything that says it “offers treatment for teens” just looks like it’s offering treatment for adults? At Insight Treatment, we’ve always believed that treatment for teenagers should be for teenagers, preferably in their own community.  Fortunately, we’ve been able to grow, expanding throughout the Southern California area. Recently, we opened a teen treatment center in Modesto. 

Teen Counseling, Safe for Teens 

As you might imagine, opening a new teen treatment center is an undertaking at any time. However, it can be even more of one during a global pandemic. As the Modesto facility was built during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a COVID-conscious environment. That means there’s more than ample space for social distancing while also having more than sufficient airflow and ventilation to keep staff and teenagers safe. It’s impossible for teenagers to receive help without being safe, so we saw this as one more way to guarantee their safety. 

Not Just Safe: Fun 

All of that having been said, there’s far more to a teen treatment facility than just being “safe.” We designed Modesto to be somewhere teens would actually want to go, a real teen clubhouse, if you will. Like every Insight Treatment facility, there are comfortable chairs, internet access, plenty of space to just hang out, play games, that kind of thing. In addition to just being fun, all of our Insight facilities are designed to be a kind of oasis, a place that teens can go to and get away from everything else in their life for a while. That’s one more way that our Modesto facility excels. 

Peaceful: a Place to Grow 

Of course, teens don’t just come to our Modesto facility (or any other) just to have a good time (although that’s important). We employ the same high level of experienced, trained professionals at our Modesto facility as we do at all of our others. Teens have special needs that need to be addressed at every step of their treatment. With our group therapy and other services, we’re able to provide teens with the kind of treatment they need to not just address their problems but to ultimately overcome them. 

Counseling for Troubled Teens All Over Southern California 

We’re quite proud of our new facility in Modesto. That said, you might have read to this part and thought: “that all sounds great, but we’re not anywhere near Modesto.” All of our other Insight Treatment facilities are up and running as well, in Van Nuys, Pasadena, Santa Clarita, and El Segundo. Modesto, like all of the other facilities, offers more than just treatment: there’s sessions for parents, Intensive Outpatient, and much more. If you want to talk to someone about how we can help your teen or just want to get more information, you can reach us at (888) 295-9995.