Discover the Best Methods For Teen Counseling in Los Angeles

Take a trip down memory lane and you may remember how overwhelming it was to be a teenager. Things were confusing to say the least and everything emotionally triggering felt extreme. While some of us felt supported enough to ask for guidance throughout these years, many of us did not. Your teenager may feel the same–they may be in need of help but do not know where to go and where to start. Therapy is a great tool for helping teens make healthy choices in their life. Check out some of the best methods for teen counseling in Los Angeles.


What Is Teen Counseling In Los Angeles?

Teen therapy, like adult therapy, is a safe place for adolescents to share their thoughts and feelings with a professional, and to receive the tools needed to alter destructive thought patterns and behaviors. To do this, therapists working with teenagers and young adults create and set goals (sometimes with the child’s parents too) to achieve with patients per session and within a time frame. A session may consist of the teen resolving inner conflict, understanding their thoughts, analyzing actions, and developing gratitude. Teen counseling can also help kids develop or improve communication skills, increase self-esteem, and build emotional intelligence. Each patient treatment is individualized according to their needs, such as coping with depression, anxiety, OCD,  trauma, bullying, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, substance abuse (by family members or child), divorce, death in family, LGBTQI issues, and more. 

teen counseling in Los Angeles

Treatment Models In Teen Counseling

Finding the right treatment plan for your child may take a bit of trial and error. Their therapist may implement a method and discontinue if they do not see progress or choose to implement a few other strategies for a well-rounded approach. Here are some powerful methods your teen may be introduced to:


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)–Talk therapy that helps people recognize how their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors influence each other. CBT replaces the negative thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors and applies positive ones to improve client’s overall functioning.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)–Derived from CBT, talk therapy that focuses on managing emotions. DBT validates client’s feelings about their experiences and helps them regulate how they emotionally respond to their realities. 
  • Group Therapy–Psychotherapy where several clients meet with one or more therapists to discuss issues in front of each other and support one another. 
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy–Talk therapy that uncovers the client’s unconsciousness that appears in their behavior. Psychodynamic therapy helps clients become more aware of themselves and how the past affects them.
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy–Talk therapy that aims at improving the client’s interpersonal relationships and social functioning. It is short-term and structured. 
  • Experiential Therapy–Hands-on therapy that uses expressive activities such as arts and crafts, music, painting, and acting. Experimental techniques resurface past experiences so that clients can heal emotional wounds from the past. 


Why Insight Treatment For Your Teen?

Insight Recovery Center in Los Angeles specializes in teen mental health care for your child. Depending on the treatment your teen needs, Insight offers outpatient drug rehab, group therapy, school, and summer camp to ensure your child can get the most effective care. 


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