Insight Treatment Hour – Anxiety and Boundaries – August 22, 2022

Host: Frederik Schulin

Guest: Dr. Regine Muradian

Topic: Anxiety and Boundaries

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, our host Frederik Schulin talks with his guest Dr. Regine Muradian as they discuss anxiety. Frederik starts off the show by talking about Dr. Muradian about anxiety and guilt as parents are setting boundaries for their kids. Dr. Regine happens to be Psychologist based in Glendale, which is not too far away from Santa Clarita. Dr. Regine deals with helping families and teens with anxiety and other negative emotions and also happens to have a book which is titled, Frankie and The Worry Bees.

Later in the show, Frederik and Dr. Regine Muradian talk about her book. Listen in as Frederik and Dr. Regine talk about mental health, anxiety, and families.