Insight Treatment Hour – Brainspotting Treatments

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, host Frederik Schulin introduces Katie Plumb – Clinical Social Worker/Therapist – to discuss the services she provides for both her private practice and “Alternative Options” Counseling Center, specifically- Brainspotting.

Katie opens up the show by discussing the subject of trauma work and how her life experiences led her to pursue that field of therapy further. She was once a teenager too that was going through different issues and now wants to help her clients explore their trauma and emotions too, in more ways than just standard talk therapy.

After the break, Frederik and Katie go further in depth with the topic of Brainspotting, what it is, and how it functions as a practice. Brainspotting involves utilizing a client’s field of vision and fixed eye positions in order to see how they correlate with inner neural paths when discussing trauma. Frederik asks about which types of clients would benefit the most with this kind of treatment and Katie explains how a patient’s willingness to be open to the practice is the most vital aspect to its success. She also highlights different kinds of Brainspotting treatment options, such as individual or group, and in-person/remote.

Listen in as Frederik and Katie go in to this groundbreaking new treatment method and how it’s being implemented at Alternative Options and beyond.

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