Insight Treatment Hour – Difficulties of Finding Identity As A Teen

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, our host Dr. Trevor Small talks with his guest, James O. Henman Ph.D, on teens finding their identity. Dr. Trevor Small starts off the show by talking with his guest James, on the topic of teenagers attempting to find their identities in a good way. James and Dr. Small go into more of just how difficult it is for these teens that try to find their identities. James happens to be an established doctor that helps people of all ages help cope with mental health and people finding themselves.

Later in the show, Dr. Trevor Small and James talk about the difficulties of finding your identity. Listen in as Dr. Trevor Small and James O. Henman talk about teenagers fitting in and finding themselves. For more information about James O. Henman Ph.D and his practice be sure to check his out on this link to their website!