Insight Treatment Hour Focuses On Helping Individuals Lift Themselves Up From Addiction

When you or someone in your family struggles with mental health problems, drug or alcohol addiction or both, it is important to know where to turn.

Even in our own Santa Clarita Valley, drug addiction and mental health issues are highly visible in many different families. That is why the Insight Treatment Center, a facility specializing in getting help, is so valuable to SCV.

The Insight Treatment Hour on KHTS had a discussion featuring host Jonathan Guerino and his guest Frank Hernandez on drug abuse and seeking help.

“My mom was fifteen when she got pregnant, sixteen when she had me,” Hernandez said. “Dad was never there…Grandfather always had issues with drinking.”

Hernandez went into his own experiences as he watched family members struggle with drinking and using drugs, which negatively affected each of them. Hernandez now makes his life focus to be on helping his family, his children and others who are struggling..

“If you feel you need help, reach out,” Hernandez said. “You can Google ‘Commitment Soldier’ and I will always try to lend a hand.”

Insight Treatment Center is an intensive outpatient treatment center in our Santa Clarita Valley, for teens and their families facing mental health struggles, disconnection, addiction and more.

Insight Treatment

The Center is a place focused on healing the entire family and the formation of a community focused on healing together.

Insight Treatment and their team want to provide some guidance to families for the purposes of reconciliation and connection.

The amazing staff at Insight Treatment want to ensure that families reconnect, maintain a strong connection and, above all, find happiness in their own lives with each other’s company.

For information about the Insight Treatment Center, visit their website available here.