Insight Treatment Hour – The Benefits Of Group Therapy With Stefani Roscoe – October 10, 2022

Host: Frederick Schulin

Guest: Stefani Roscoe

Topic: The Benefits Of Group Therapy With Stefani Roscoe

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, Frederick welcomes in special guest Stefani Roscoe to discuss her work with teens through group therapy. Stefani is a licensed clinical social worker who has worked with teens both in group and one-on-one settings for more than 12 years. Working with families and with teens on an individual basis, while helpful, often does not lend itself to real-life situations that teens often find themselves in when dealing with their peers. This includes peer pressure, and self-doubt, among many other anxieties that teens can face.

“I have found almost more healing in the group universe than I have in the individual,” Stefani said. “If you can convince them to get there, which has a lot to do with building a rapport and alliance with them and having them trust you, they start to see immediately that they’re not alone.”

Stefani continues, saying that social interactions and peers become top priorities for teens after previously relying on their parents throughout their childhood. This in itself makes safe and comfortable group therapy of the utmost importance for teens as they look to navigate their way through what can often be a scary time in their lives.

Listen to the whole episode here as Frederik and Stefanie discuss the benefits and importance of teen therapy!