Insight Treatment Hour – Using DBT To Treat Personality Disorders – September 12, 2022

Host: Carissa Provost

Guest: Dr. Marcus Rodriguez

Topic: Using DBT To Treat Personality Disorders

Topic: Naeem’s Story

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, our host Carissa Provost talks with Dr. Marcus Rodriguez and his work as a clinical psychologist. Dr. Rodriguez explains how his practice of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) has allowed him and many others within the industry to help treat those with personality disorders.

“For these clients, self harm, suicidal ideations, and even suicidal behaviors, for them it is a solution. Because they feel really hopeless, they feel like there is no other solution to their problems and that’s the only possible solution they can see being feasible to fix their problems,” Dr. Rodriguez said.

Later in the show, the two discuss The DBTE Protocol, also known as prolonged exposure, which has been found beneficial for those suffering from PTSD.