IOP for Teen Counseling in the San Fernando Valley and Elsewhere

Have you been looking for options for teen counseling in the San Fernando Valley for your child, but don’t want them to be shipped away for a long period of time? Does it feel like the best option for your child would be to receive counseling somewhere that would also allow them to be able to come home at night, go to school, and so forth? For many teens struggling with substance abuse and depression as well as other mental health concerns, they do need help. But, to pull them entirely out of their home and life for a period of time would also pose significant problems. Here at Insight Treatment, we have the solution: our intensive outpatient program. 


Who the IOP is For 

Our intensive outpatient program is designed for teens (from the ages of 13 to 18) who are struggling with mental health issues as well as alcohol and substance abuse. However, it’s also been proven to be a great fit for teens with other struggles, such as behavior problems, social issues, and even self-harming behaviors. Throughout the program, clinicians and addiction specialists focus on guiding teens in learning important recovery skills throughout the program. 


What the IOP Consists of 

For those who are battling addiction to alcohol and drugs, those teens will attend daily groups or sessions that cover education about those. Preventing relapse is a key focus on what we do here. To that end, teens will learn to develop important life skills and even to meditate. There are structured plans for the weekends as well. Speaking of structure, we’ve structured our intensive outpatient program in such a way that, as teens move through the phases, the number of days they’ll have to be here can be cut down. Once a teen has completed all of the phases, they’ll have taken a major, significant step towards a better, more fulfilling life. 


How the IOP Helps 

Essentially the first step of the IOP is our professionals designing an individual plan for the teenager. Specifically, this will contain everything that the teen needs for their recovery, assisting and supporting them from the first, initial assessment through their eventual complete recovery. Through important skills and relationship developing and building, teens will be able to better bolster their recovery from alcohol and drug use. Moreover, this will pay significant dividends in helping them to keep up with their family, school, and/or job commitments. 

Teen Counseling in the San Fernando Valley

Teen Counseling Options to Fit Teens

Here, we use what’s called a “multi-modality” approach. Essentially, this is all done to empower teens while they develop those important, vital life skills that will get them through their adolescent years. That being said, we have plenty of help for parents, too. Family counseling and parent education programs are available, too. Those have proven to be highly effective in terms of helping teens to achieve lasting, long-term success. To schedule an initial consultation with our Clinical Director, you can message us through our site or call (888) 295-9995.