Parent Support Groups for Teen Rehab

Witnessing your child develop behavioral changes, from what appears to be substance abuse, is devastating. But you know you must step in. Getting help for your teen is a big step. And so is getting the support you need. Finding parent support groups for parents with teens in rehab is a courageous. 


What Is Teen Rehab?

Teen drug and alcohol rehab is treatment program intended to help teens and young adults break free from addiction to substances or from abusing substances. It is similar to traditional rehab but focused on catering to the adolescent experience. 

parent support groups

What Is Parent Support Group?

A parent group is a safe space for parents to meet and discuss the issues they face with their children. Group topics can range from parents of children with disabilities, first-time parents, parents of teens with substance abuse issues, parents of kids with terminal illnesses, parents of children with mental health disorders, LGBTQ parents, and many more. 


Benefits of joining a parent support group

Parents who seek support groups, or are referred to support groups, are likely stressed about issues involving their child. Often, they can’t do it alone– they need help to get through it. A support group provides parents with the opportunity to meet other parents who are facing similar challenges, and who have similar needs. By having a group facilitated by a professional, and by having a group consisting of people with varying yet similar experiences, parents can discover new perspectives and new ways of coping. And stress can be reduced. 


While a parent support group reassures parents that they are not alone in their circumstances, a group also allows a parent to freely vent about their raw feelings surrounding their circumstances. Although participants may have similarities, no two people are the same so a group provides a parent to share their unique experience. It may be difficult at first for parents to not compare their progress (or lack of) when they hear other parents’ stories, however, with time and familiarity with the group dynamic, parents can become supportive of others and more appreciative of their own children. 


When it comes to teens with a substance abuse problem, parents may feel responsible, disheartened, and terrified. Parent support groups for teen drug treatment can immensely assist parents in navigating their child’s substance abuse by not only providing support but also restoring confidence in parents’ ability to parent. 


By bringing parents into a sacred space during hard times, to be with each other through the good and the bad, parents often develop deep and lasting friendships.


Why Insight substance abuse treatment center?

When parents are involved in their child’s recovery, and are receiving counseling themselves, there is more chance of success. Unlike the vast majority of counseling facilities, Insight offers teen counseling in San Fernando Valley, specializing in adolescent care including drug rehab for teens, parent counseling, and teen group therapy


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