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Outpatient Treatment Program Services

Insight’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program Services are dedicated to treating teens in a safe setting while they attend school and remain at home. We strongly believe that the entire family suffers when teens are experiencing drug, alcohol, and/or emotional problems. Therefore, we make it a priority to provide treatment and support for the entire family. We take a holistic approach in treatment, addressing all aspects of a teen’s life while focusing on substance use, abuse, dependence, behavioral issues, and school problems.

At Insight we understand that dealing with teenage issues can be difficult. In order to help alleviate some of the angst, we offer parent education and parent support groups lead by our treatment team to help parents gain information, support, and guidance from staff and other parents who have had similar experiences. Insight counselors are also available to parents on an on-call basis for guidance and support.

Adolescents attending Insight teen support groups benefit from gaining a positive peer group that promotes a drug-free lifestyle and supports positive behavior and healthy choices. By changing the system that promotes maladaptive behaviors, teens are given the best chance for positive change.

teenage drug rehab centers

teenage drug rehab centers