Insight Treatment Hour – Raising awareness about mental health and guiding parents

Insight Treatment center in Santa Clarita helps teens struggling with mental health issues, and Fredrik, host of the Insight Treatment Hour, dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and guiding parents as well.
Special Guest Stefani Roscoe’s works as a LCSW in the Los Angeles Area where she works with teens and families tirelessly, helping them through their mental health issues.

Stefani and Fredrik both believe group therapy is the best option for teens and parents looking to get better.

Stafani believes group therapy helps teens build a better communal bond with those in group therapy where they will learn to be more open about their feelings in a group where they can feel safe and comfortable. Stefani talks with Fredrik about how group therapy works as she brings attention to many of the things the teens share in therapy, so they can feel they are not alone and there are other people who feel this way as well.

It is important to check in with her patients periodically, and that is why Stefani will ask them if they have anything to share, but sometimes it is difficult because some teens do not believe their stories are as important and they do not believe their problems are as serious as everyone else’s.

What Stefani hopes they understand though is that everybody wants to hear from everybody no matter how small they might think their point is.

To help teens feel better about opening up more, Stefani will often pull them aside for a one on one session where she can understand from their point of view why they feel they do not want to speak up and if they can work on anything to help them speak up in group sessions. Frederik agrees, and states at Insight, they feel it is important to create a community for these teens as well, and that is why they prefer their teens to be playing ping pong or games in their facilities before therapy, so they can create an inclusive environment.

Insight Treatment Center in Santa Clarita works tirelessly with teens and parents, helping them create a supportive and safe community to share their feelings whether that’s in individual or group therapy.