Recent Teen Mental Health Struggles Discussed On Insight Treatment Hour In Santa Clarita

Insight Treatment Hour featured a discussion on teen mental health issues with Insight Treatment Center Clinical Director Karissa Provost and licensed therapist Taylor Foxhall.
Therapist Taylor Foxhall and Clinical Director of Insight Treatment Center Karissa Provost, spoke on teen therapy needs on the Insight Treatment Hour.
“Teens always cling to their friends,” Foxhall explained. “What I think I’ve been seeing is a lot of clinging to that even more.”

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Provost asked Foxhall about what he has witnessed with the teens he has helped treat and specifically how younger teens have responded.
“So often I hear students talk about how their friends are such a ‘rock’ for them,” Foxhall added. “And again that’s typical for teens, but it’s been multiplied.”
The constants for teens, according to both Provost and Foxhall, have been their friends during this previous year of inconsistent schooling and classes.
The discussion shifted to a chat about the use of mental health professionals in schools versus in facilities and treatment centers, and how many students trust mental health professionals more than school staff.
“Staffing these spaces with mental health professionals is really important,” Foxhall said, referring to his school-based offices in the Family Services Agency. “For some students, I’ve had students say ‘I don’t trust that end, I want a mental health professional, that’s where I want to put my trust.’”
If you or any teenager you know is struggling with mental health issues, visit Insight Treatment Center in Santa Clarita for help.