Find Help for Young Adults in Recovery at the Right Insight Treatment Centers

Young adults and teenagers are often extremely vulnerable to drug addiction and mental health problems. For some, this can be the start of a lifetime of problems and suffering, but we believe that teenagers deserve another chance. As an original drug and mental health outpatient treatment program designed to benefit teenagers and young adults, the right Insight treatment centers can assist teens with a variety of different disorders, including dual diagnosis, chemical dependency, emotional problems, and self-harm. We have helped many teens to rediscover hope by showing them a path out of their problems.

A Safe Haven at the Right Insight Treatment Centers

Our building, close to the Rose Bowl, was once a residential villa, which has now been turned into a place of safety for teenagers and young adults, and families. We think that a comfortable environment for them to receive treatment is essential, and this is why we believe in creating a treatment facility that is residential in feel, rather than clinical. This is a place where teenagers can feel able to confide their concerns, problems or feelings, without worrying that they may be condemned or medicated for what they say. A feeling of trust is essential to help these teens overcome their problems.

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A Family Setting

The theme of our center is support and a united front. We think that families struggling to cope with unhappy teens may greatly benefit from relationships with other families undergoing similar circumstances. We have worked with teenagers for over 20 years, and know that there is a common theme to most problems with people of this age. A shared theme of suffering, drug addiction or pain can unite families, creating support networks and a sense of belonging, which families can then used to reach out to their struggling teenager or young adult.

Starting With the First Step

Every journey needs someone to take that initial step towards overcoming problems. If your teen is in a situation where they really need help, then you should take steps to contact us today. For a free assessment of your young adult’s issues, send us a message now. We will also take requests for information or admissions by phone simply call (800) 599-8820. We believe that we can help your young adult to recover and develop a normal life, so contact the right Insight Treatment Centers today to discover hope and recovery in Sherman Oaks and Pasadena.