Insight Treatment Center Discusses Interventions And What Is Effective

Insight Treatment Hour – Heather Hayes, M.ED., LPC, CIP, CAI 

teen mental health

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What we at Insight Treatment Center does best integrate a sense of community by introducing current parents and past parents who share similar struggles and stories with their troubled teen. Teens going through battles that include substance abuse and teen mental health can all feel that the work done through Insight is set as a guide to prosper their well being. Our most recent guest on the Insight Treatment Hour on KHTS FM 98.1 & AM 1220 was Heather Hayes, who also is an advocate for prosperity and well-being. Hayes is a current Intervenitonalist who has also battled with struggles of her own early in her life. Interestingly enough, her own struggles in fact inspired the career route she currently pursues. Hayes was able to discuss the process of interventions and how her practices relate and sway away from other practices in the field. Interventions with Hayes will often start with a simple phone call or the reaching out from someone related to a struggling addict. Family history is then taken into account. This can include any and all confidential information that can be related to behaviors or habits displayed by the subject in the intervention. These interventions are aimed to help and heal any shame or low self-esteem that the subject carries. Anger is also brought into play and might be a vital reason as to why parents avoid addressing issues. Anger will often make parents or other concerned family members “walk on eggshells” and sway away from treatment due to fear of upsetting their loved one, Hayes said. Many resistant people that have this anger will actually find a sense of relief or even freedom in these interventions. Sharing what they’ve been hiding, fighting, and in a sense “coming clean” with their struggles can aid them more than they think. With interventions and proper confrontation of certain issues, subjects will almost always find relief with basic communication. Those who work with these issues along with Hayes include and go over: how to treat anxiety, going through the process of abuse, and trauma. Proper approaches in teen treatment sway away from the “goon” approach where teens are physically forced with no parents around. Safety measures and comfort need to be in play when Heather Hayes practices her style of treatment. With these approaches in treatment, her interventions can continue to aid teen mental health rather than emit fear or distrust in her subjects who struggle in their addiction and mental health.