Teenage Drug Rehab Centers: Why Insight Treatment Is The Best?

Teenage Drug Rehab Centers

Drug addiction among teenagers is increasingly becoming a cause for concern in the world today. It is why many teenage drug rehab centers spring up each year to help save many young people from falling victim to substance abuse. However, you should know about these adolescent treatment centers that not all of them can be trusted or relied upon to conduct their services properly without compromising the results. Insights Treatment Center is one reliable drug rehab center recognized for helping treat adolescents with substance abuse problems using evidence-based care models. However, before we dive into how Insight Treatment stands apart from the rest, let’s look at the teen drug addiction statistics first.

What Do The Teen Drug Addiction Statistics Look Like?

According to reports, around 92,000 people in the US died from a severe drug overdose in 2020. Out of which, 4,777 were teens aged between 15-24. In addition, around 16,416 died due to Opioid overdose. These numbers are concerning, and there is a severe need for more awareness regarding professional teen drug rehab centers. On this note, let’s look at how Insight Treatment stands apart from others:

Teenage Drug Rehab Centers

We Focus On One-On-One Treatment

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to addiction, and each teen’s case is unique and can be resolved only by conducting a thorough assessment. It is why we offer one-to-one care models to ensure that each of our teenage patients gets the attention they deserve. In addition, this also helps us address their issues and lay a strong foundation for a full recovery.

Teenagers going through substance abuse problems require support and encouragement from good teenage drug rehab centers. It is only possible when they receive encouraging guidance from positive role models who can help them cope with difficult situations. It is what we do at Insight Treatment by assisting young people in developing coping mechanisms to deal with day-to-day stress or emotional challenges that could potentially lead to relapse.

We Help Develop A Good Work Ethic

Our treatment approach focuses on helping teenagers build essential life skills that can be used throughout their lives. Some of these include self-awareness, decision making, goal setting, time management, and many more. It is why we offer a mix of group sessions and individual counseling to create an environment where our young patients can work together to overcome any challenges they face following rehabilitation.

Furthermore, this also helps them acquire the strength to take control over their lives to succeed in school or at work, even outside rehab. We offer comprehensive family programs for parents of teenage patients struggling with addiction. It helps them understand how to deal with their child’s addiction and the importance of making healthy choices for a full recovery.

We Teach Effective Coping Skills

Many of our patients turn to drugs and alcohol because they cannot manage their emotions. It is why we work hard at helping teenagers develop robust coping mechanisms that can help them deal with stress and emotional challenges in a healthy manner and prevent relapse.

We use various therapies to teach these young people essential skills for life, such as self-awareness, relaxation, meditation, anger management techniques, and more. We believe that understanding one’s emotions and how to handle them are the first step towards mental health recovery.

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