The Process of Recovery at Our Teen Rehab in Modesto

Substance addiction can be damaging for just about anyone, but it can be particularly bad if the addict in question is still developing. Teenagers are prone to substance abuse given the emotionally and physiological vulnerable situation they can be in. Here is how our teen rehab in Modesto can help young people struggling with substance abuse.


One on One Counseling

You will find that most substance abuse rehabilitation programs are based on different kinds of counseling. Why? Well, because counseling will allow for the treating professionals to better understand what the patients are going through, what situation they find themselves in, and what they expect from the treatment. The practice provides the patient with a safe space in which they are allowed to openly communicate their emotions with a professional who is equipped with the tools to help them. A counselor also walks the patient through every step of treatment, providing them with the necessary guidance to feel comfortable and safe all the way through. In a process such as teen rehab in Modesto that is bound to make the patient feel scared and vulnerable, counseling offers support and stability.


Group Counseling

Group settings are very important during treatment because they give the patient a space where they can interact with people who are going through something similar to what they are going through. Here, the patient gets to communicate, not only with the healthcare professionals treating them, but also with other people in their same situation. After all, as informed and well-intentioned as the counselor might be, they may not necessarily understand the nuances and more specific feelings that come with addiction if they haven’t been through them personally. We know that this is one of the keys to successful teen rehab in Modesto is to make sure that patients can help each other in their journey to recovery. Particularly when it comes to teenagers, group counseling might also include the patient’s loved ones in order to work through their personal dynamics.


Relapse Prevention

Of course, part of treating addiction will be to look beyond the immediate and to focus on the long-term effects of the program. You don’t just want to be sober, you will want to stay sober. This means that the program will also focus on preparing the patient for them to be able to maintain their successful results, which will consist of developing healthy coping mechanisms with the patient in order to prevent future relapses, as well as providing them with the necessary tools to go through stressful or straining aspects of their daily life without resorting to substance use. We want to see you succeed as much as you do, so our team will be sure to prepare you accordingly.


Teen Rehab in Modesto

If you are seeking a program for teen rehab in Modesto, we want to make sure that the teenager in question has a safe environment where they can recover. That is what we aim to provide here at Insight Treatment. Our team in Modesto is here for those who need it. To learn more about this process, just give us a call at (209) 299-2880 and we’ll be with you.