What Can a Teen Counseling and Therapy Treat?

If your child has been behaving in a troubled manner recently, including making use of drugs or alcohol, struggling academically or causing problems in the family, then a mental health assessment is essential. He or she may benefit from a structured program which will set healthy limits and teach them how to improve their current lifestyle by addressing their mental health needs. If you think that your child needs assistance with mental health issues, then it is important that you seek treatment for them straight away, and don’t leave them to struggle alone. It’s essential to get a Teen counseling designed to improve your teen’s behavior and solve issues before they become more serious.

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Signs of Trouble with Your Teen

There can be several different signs from your teenager that something may be wrong and they need stronger guidance or assistance. Mental health issues and disorders or substance abuse or addiction all have different physical, emotional, and psychological signatures to them, but there are things you can look for that may be indicators for you. According to an article from Healthychildren.org, if your teen has sudden personality changes, mood swings, low self-esteem, a loss of interest in school and outside activities, and becomes more reclusive, these can be signs for you that your teen is facing trouble.

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What Can Counselors Do?

Teen counselors work with troubled teens in a therapy setting. They assess teens and find the cause of their troubles. Depending on the cause of their problems, they can develop an individual plan for every patient. They educate them about what their issues are and teach them how to navigate through life. The primary goal of a teen counseling program is to guide troubled teens into a life full of happiness and without worries.

During the first meeting, teen counselors will discuss their patient’s history. It’s their attempt to know who they are and what’s been troubling them. Through assessment, they can discover the most suitable option to help them live a healthy lifestyle. Every meeting, they will fine-tune their plan so their patients can fully recover. As teen counselors identify their patient’s behavior problems, they can recommend strategies on how to confront their behavioral and emotional issues that can hinder their progress. Although some sessions are challenging, each session offers progress.

Teen and Family Help

You may feel helpless at a time when your child is facing issues that you have difficulty understanding, let alone ones you cannot find answers or solutions to for them. You may also feel a sense of panic and anxiety come over you and the rest of the family as everyone feels lost regarding what can be done. Family therapy and family support groups are designed to help give you a better understanding of the situations your child faces. You can speak with these groups and get support from other families just like yours so you can address your concerns and learn new strategies regarding how you can help your child.

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Teen Group Therapy

a Teen Counseling

Teen counselors would also work with your family as the patient moves through treatment. Our counselors will educate you and the rest of your family members about the progress of your teens. Several studies showed that family bonding programs are effective with troubled teenagers. The reason for this is that they promote a healthy home and provide preventative education to other family members, so they can avoid the issues that their loved ones are suffering from.

A Teen counseling service includes teen group therapy. Trained and licensed professionals facilitate every group session to ensure that the goal of this treatment is met. The topics in a teen group therapy include trauma, depression, anxiety, emotional regulation, social skills and self-esteem, among others. Individual therapy remains an integral part of our program. But group therapy recognizes the fact that in their development phase, their peers influence them significantly. Thus, they are more open and honest when they are in a group session. They are also more likely to express their feelings and issues.

Relationships with Patients

It’s stated that 85 percent of change is attributed to the relationship formed between teen counselors and the child or the parent. The team members can quickly engage with a reluctant child and earn his/her trust. They know and understand the world as the teen knows it. Thus, you can be sure that our therapists will engage well with your teen.

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Teen counselors understand that your teens’ problems are a part of their way to cope with their anxiety or depression. They see the problem as the problem- that is, they don’t see a sad child. Rather, they see a teenager suffering from depression. These therapists can separate the problem from your child. They appreciate your teen’s strengths, and they will help your teens show that power to others.

Insight Treatment’s Teen Therapy

At Insight Treatment, our team of counselors and therapists in Tarzana can address the following issues:

  • Depression
  • Low self-confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Self-harming behaviors
  • Family problems
  • Academic problems
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • And several others

a Teen Counseling

Our clinical staff underwent extensive training in the treatment of adolescent behavioral and emotional issues. We offer therapy and parent training to create healthy lifestyles for teens who are struggling or showing high-risk behaviors. Our counseling team consists of master’s and doctorate level therapists, certified addiction specialists with decades of experience in working and treating adolescents. They specialize in several areas, like art therapy, cognitive, behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapies, EMDR, TRM, and others. Group therapy sessions are designed based on our patient’s needs.

Every counseling session aims to address substance abuse, trauma, depression and anxiety, among others. Our facility has been in existence for many years and we continue to offer advanced methods and techniques to provide teens and their families the best possible healing they deserve. To schedule an appointment with our team, please call us today at (800) 599-8820.