What To Do When You Are At Your Wits End With Your Teen

No one said parenting is easy, and unfortunately there is no manual with every answer parents need.
Parents do the best they can and make the best decisions they can for their teen, but sometimes it’s not enough. That’s when you turn to outside help such as Insight Treatment Programs for teens and parents.

Insight Treatment Hour

Insight Treatment Center hosts a weekly show on KHTS radio to talk to parents and teens about mental health and navigating the hard, confusing teenage years. Led by Insight Treatment’s CEO Frederik Schulin, a late September episode hosted two guests, senior counselor Johnathon Guerino and a local parent of a teen who benefited from Insight Treatment.
In an interview-testimonial style conversation, parent Valerie, counselor Guerino, and Schulin talked about her and her daughter’s experience and their story of depression, substance abuse, and recovery.
When Valerie’s teen daughter slipped into depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, she was shocked and felt blindsided. Where did her beautiful, smart daughter go? She was at her wits end and had no idea how her family got there or how to fix it. After her daughter’s hospitalization at 15 years old, Valerie reached out and found Insight Treatment.
“When I first came into Insight, I just wanted to drop off my daughter and walk away, but it’s really about participating and the whole family. Parents have to be active participants. That was the best thing to ever happen to both of us. I have a relationship with my daughter. It changed me in such profound ways,” said parent Valerie.

A Local Santa Clarita Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center

Insight Treatment Center is a local Santa Clarita intensive outpatient treatment center for teens and their families battling mental health issues, addiction, and more. A place centered on healing in the whole family and the creation of a community focused on healing together, Insight Treatment and their team want to help guide families to reconciliation and connection.
To reach out and see if Insight Treatment is the answer for your family, visit their website by clicking here.