Adolescents Counseling for Depression : Coping Strategies for Teens

Depression is rising in adolescents and it’s also becoming more socially acceptable and normal to speak about. You see the importance of mental health mentioned on social media and by celebrities. It’s giving teens the encouragement to step forward and ask for help. Teenagers are dealing with immense stress through academic workloads, peer pressure as well as with issues in their families and social circles. When that stress and pressure develops its not uncommon to see a teen withdraw from those closest to them and deal with feelings of anger, confusion, sadness or hopelessness. So how can adolescents counseling for depression help adolescents deal with the issue in a healthy manner?

Adolescents Counseling for Depression Coping Mechanisms

Physical Activity

It’s been proven that physical activity promotes an increase in endorphins in the body and brain and helps to improve a person’s overall mood. People that deal with depression may have issues with fatigue or tiredness which can be reduced when they take the time to add regular exercise into their routine. Something as simple and easy as taking a walk in fresh air can be an easy way to start shifting a person’s mood. Teen counseling for depression may be the best route to finding ways to coping with their depression.

Listening to Music

A lot of teens who like music may find that listening to is can become a beneficial coping strategy when they feel upset. Creating a playlist that helps to soothe or calm those emotions can be a great way to self regulate and allow feelings of sadness or hopelessness to wash away.  

adolescents counseling for depression

Talking to Someone

When a person is depressed they may deal with a feeling or need to withdraw from family and friends or their social life. Talking to someone can help. Having someone who you can share you problems with can be a great emotional release that will help to make you feel less alone. Be it a friend, family member or mental health professional, having someone to talk to can be the answer to create healthy coping mechanisms.

Making Art

Art therapy has been shown to have an effective mark on a person’s mood. No matter if you are a doodler, a painter, a sculpture or a pottery maker. Art can be a great way to create your own release of emotions while dedicating yourself for a few hours to create something unique and wonderful. Creating art is a great way to create a distraction for yourself.  

Writing or Keeping a Journal

Some people find that they can better express themselves and their emotions through writing. Reading or writing in journal or writing poetry or creative writing can help to release pent up emotions, experiences and thoughts that accompany a person’s depressive episodes.

If you believe that counseling may be the best route to finding ways to coping with your teenager’s depression you can call Insight Treatment today to find out more about the programs we offer and the admissions process. Your teen shouldn’t have to deal with depression on their own and can work within our group counseling sessions or speak one on one to a counselor to create ways of healthy coping.