Reasons Why Adolescent Group Therapy is Crucial

Today’s teen can greatly benefit from the opportunity to meet with a therapist to discuss topics ranging from sexual identity, relationship problems and family issues. You may notice that you teen has become withdrawn or is more quick to anger than they once were. They may suddenly be getting into trouble at school or doing poorly in class. That is why Adolescent Group Therapy is important.

You may believe that therapy is something that’s resorted to after tragic events but your teenager could benefit from having a professional to speak with about their everyday life. Taking time to meet with a professional can allow your child to express their minor issues or concerns before they become more major and further problematic. If you believe you teen may benefit from being able to talk to a therapist you should make an appointment with the staff at Insight Treatment. Even a few teen group therapy sessions can start making a noticeable difference in your teenager. Here are some of the best reason why therapy may be a great idea for your teen:

Things that Adolescent Group Therapy can help teens deal with:


Mood disorders like depression can often start in the teenage years and if left untreated can last into adulthood. If you teen is acting withdrawn, sad, irritated you should talk to their pediatrician for an accurate diagnosis. From there you can decide together whether therapy would be a good way to help your teen cope with their emotions.

adolescent group therapy

Anxiety Disorders

It’s entirely normal for your need to worry but if your teenager is experiencing intense episodes of anxiety therapy may be a key player in helping them.

Behavior Problems

If you have been noticing that your child has been staying out past your set curfew, becoming aggressive or difficult or being suspended from school there could be a deeper reason. Having your teenager talk with a therapist may get to the bottom of the issue and work to resolve it.

Substance Abuse Issues

Alcohol and drug abuse can become serious issues for today’s teenager’s. It’s glorified in social media and movies as well as being pushed by the peer pressure of social groups. Substance abuse counselors can work with your teen to help create a course for treatment and find any underlying cause as to why they are using, abusing or addicted to drugs or alcohol.


Some parents may not recognize, validate or give their children the credit they are deserving for the daily stress they face. Adult have a tendency to brush off the concern of a teenager, especially concerns over stress because they see their adult problems as more concerning of those of a child’s. However, today’ teenagers deal with a lot of stress be it from exams, presentation, social issues, family problems, worry about the future. These issues can take a serious toll on your child’s mental health and being able to talk to a therapist about it can be a great way to get that stress out and find relief.

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