Are you having trouble communicating with your children?

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This week, we had the pleasure of Dr. Regine Muradian and guest Donna Tetreault, who is a parenting journalist and author of Dear Me. Here at Insight, we see how mental health affects kids and teenagers.

At Insight, we are one of the primary leaders in IOP (intensive outpatient program) struggling with anything from depression, anxiety, ADHD, and substance abuse.

During this episode, Donna discusses what she calls the CASTLE Method. This is an acronym for compassion, acceptance, security, trust, love and expectations/education.

She goes on to explain that this method is crucial to keeping the lines of communication open with our families and helping kids know that they are seen and heard. Sometimes within families, we get compared to our siblings.

intensive outpatient program

Whether it’s because of physicalities or careers, it tends to put one child down.

The intent is usually not malicious, but the way it is perceived is negative. Dr. Regine and Donna Tetreault gave our Insight listeners the advice to stop comparing siblings to each other as each child is their own human being.

Parents are also recommended to practice showing compassion and empathy in households, as positive relationships stem from this behavior. Giving your child emotional security is also very essential to their development, along with building trust.

Bonds become stronger and it really does benefit the children as they enter adulthood. Insight treatment helps the whole family.