What Parents Can Expect from Our Teen Support Groups

Teen Support Groups

Does it seem like your child is struggling with their mental health and you don’t know what to do? Are you intrigued by the idea of teen support groups but aren’t sure if they’re right for your teen? Support groups are just one of the ways that we can help teens here at Insight Treatment, but they’re one of our most popular and effective treatment methods. There are many reasons that our support groups have had so much success in treating teens. 

An Environment Teens Want to Be In

We imagine that parents have tried to force their teens to do things in the past. We also imagine that didn’t work so terribly well, either. The truth is that, if teens don’t want to do something, odds are they aren’t going to want to do it. That’s just one of the many, many reasons that we designed Insight Treatment to be a place that teens would actually want to go to, where they would feel comfortable, safe, and open to talk about their feelings and challenges. Each Insight Treatment has a very “clubhouse” vibe. They aren’t sterile in the slightest. Instead, they’re fun,  welcoming environments where teens can feel at home. 

Teens Supporting Teens in a Group 

At Insight Treatment, we don’t just treat a teen’s mental health exactly, we treat the underlying, root causes which are the source of the mental health concern. That way, through the discovery and recognition of that which the teen is really struggling with, they’re empowered to improve their mental health in a genuine, lasting way. Part of that is developing and strengthening social skills. A great place for that: in a support group with other teens. There, in that safe environment, teens can interact with other teens in a way that grows their skills today and tomorrow. 

Proper, Experienced Moderation and Direction 

We understand that some teens (as well as their parents) may be hesitant about a support group. Here at Insight Treatment, our support groups are moderated and run by the best of the best. Each of our support group moderators has years of experience, so they know how to create the kind of environment that teens feel safe in and want to contribute to. Now, they can put that experience to work for your teen. 

Teen Support Groups

More Than Teen Support Groups 

Support groups are a major facet of many treatment plans here at Insight Treatment. However, they are just one facet. Indeed, when your teen arrives here, we put together a treatment plan that meets their exact, specific needs. That can include support groups, individual therapy, and so much more. For a free evaluation to see if your teen would best be served by time at Insight Treatment, you can schedule that through our site or by calling us at (888) 295-9995