How to Cope With Your Teen’s Drug Abuse Issues

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When you are the parents of a teenager it’s hard to deny that they are your entire world. You’ve watched them grow from their childhood years and it can be heartbreaking to see them fall into the wrong crowds and behaviors. It’s only made worse when you realize…

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Insight Rehab: Expanding Outward

Insight Rehab

We’re very proud of the work we do here at Insight Rehab. For years, we’ve helped so many wonderful teens to improve their lives in so many different ways. Now, we’re expanding, adding another location in the South Bay. This will allow us to help more teens and…

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Does My Teen Need Help?

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Many parents ask themselves at some point where their teen needs professional help from a therapist or where can I find “teen help Pasadena“. Some parents don’t or can’t recognize the signs of a teen that’s in need of a counselor and understand when and why to schedule…

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Talk to Your Teen About Substance Abuse

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Finding ways to talk to your teen can seem like pulling teeth. It’s not always fun and sometimes ends in screaming or slamming doors. Teenage years aren’t always a breeze for more parents. You child is going through puberty which means hormonal changes, moodiness, trouble fitting in with…

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Heroin and Your Teen, Do They Need Help?

teen drug treatment center

Heroin addiction has become a country wide epidemic in recent years and is not a serious problem amongst teens. Insight Treatment, a teen drug treatment center will give you information about heroins and what they do to your teens. As the parents of a teenager you are probably…

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How to Address Normal Teenage Behavioral Problems

insight treatment

Teenagers aren’t always easy and being a good parent can include trying times filled with uncertainty and confusion. You want to create a trusting, close relationship with your kids but it can mean facing many different roadblocks on the way to that destination. Teenagers dealing with behavioral problems…

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