Explore These Resources for Teen Mental Health in Modesto

Mental health is already complicated enough without having to deal with the complications of youth. Teenagers nowadays have very high rates of mental health issues, for they are under unprecedented amounts of stress which a lot of us, as families, might be unequipped to deal with. So, if you are looking for resources for teen mental health in Modesto, here’s what we at Insight Treatment have to offer.


Rehabilitation Support

When it comes to addiction, teenagers tend to be uneasy about seeking help because of how taboo the matter can be. This is understandable given how parents are prone to lash out when uncovering substance abuse habits in their children. It is vital, however, for the mental health of the teenagers in question, that these issues are not addressed aggressively or violently, but rather with an understanding that these issues have deeply seated roots in mental health and emotional distress. Here we offer an environment where teenagers can focus on their recovery free of judgment and find a fulfilling and sustainable path to recovery. Rehabilitation is not an easy process, but it is definitely an important one.


Teen Group Therapy

Adults often find that helping teenagers can prove to be very challenging since we may not fully understand what they are going through. Maybe we have an idea of what’s going on, but we don’t have the tools or the experience to put ourselves in their shoes and really get it. This is why a lot of parents hit a wall when it comes to their teen’s mental health. The best way to help them in these cases is to seek out support from people their age, for they are the ones who will better understand what they each are going through. This is why teenagers find such an important sense of community among themselves, they benefit off the solidarity of shared experiences. In the interest of teen mental health in Modesto we offer teen support groups so that they can find that sense of structure.


School Support

As schools continue to function primarily on a remote basis, students everywhere are having trouble keeping up with all the necessary schoolwork on top of the general situation going on. This can put a lot of strain on anyone, but especially young people, which is why we have virtual school support channels available for those struggling with the situation. Especially when, on top of that, they are also dealing with everything else. We are doing our best to provide a reliable series of resources that can help them develop the necessary tools to deal with this situation. Our free school support meets each week via Zoom to help parents in our partner school districts.


Teen Mental Health in Modesto

When it comes to teen mental health in Modesto, there are not as many readily available resources for teenagers struggling. That is what we aim to provide here at Insight Treatment. Our team in Modesto is here for those who need it. To learn more about this process, just give us a call at (209) 299-2880 and we’ll be with you.