Does Your Child Need Teen Counseling in Sherman Oaks?

Not all teenagers can benefit from undergoing teen counseling in Sherman Oaks. Just because your teen has angst, does not mean that he needs treatment. At Insight Treatment, we encourage parents to recognize specific signs that their teens require therapy because what they have is a serious condition and not just angst. 


Teen Counseling in Sherman Oaks is Necessary 

Some teenagers can pass through adolescence without any difficulty. They may encounter a little turmoil but they get through it well. But others can detonate like a bomb. And these are the teenagers who require teen counseling. 

Teen counseling in Sherman Oaks

As a parent, it is easy for you to dismiss your child’s behavior as a sign of adolescence. But there are some serious signs that you need to recognize to help your kids deal with anxiety. Knowing those signs will help you avoid those should-haves scenarios. 


It is easy to blame your kids for their behavior. However, it will only make matters worse. So how can you tell that your kid requires professional help? One of the signs that your child may need teen counseling is when he exhibits mood instability. He may also feel sad or melancholy. Social anxiety is also a sign. 


Don’t Wait To Reach Out For Help


These signs can lead to atypical depression which can overwhelm teenagers. If they feel overwhelming frustration or hopelessness, they could experience negativity and destructive obsessions.  These teenagers may experience atypical depression. They may find themselves fighting their unwanted insecurities. As a result, they may engage in denial or dissociation. They may be useful. However, they require energy to maintain it. 


If your teenager is already self-harming, then it should be a sign for you to contact Insight Treatment so your teen can receive proper treatment. Self-harm means that your teen is cutting or hitting himself. It is a sign that he can no longer bear the emotional imbalance. It can be habit-forming. If not treated, it can escalate to something serious over time. 


Another sign that your teen requires teen counseling is that if he comes home drunk or high regularly. Chronic substance abuse is a serious problem that must be treated sooner. You should act immediately, especially if you have a family history of substance abuse. Suicide attempts are also common in teenagers who are experiencing serious mental health. Your kids are not being dramatic when they attempt to kill themselves. Teen suicide rates are rising. Thus, suicide threats should be taken seriously before it is too late. 


Contact A Qualified Teen Counseling Center


As a parent, you may feel that you are a failure. But getting help for your child is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it is a sign of compassion. Keep in mind that if left untreated, it can alter the course of the child’s life. 

Teen counseling in Sherman Oaks has been a useful tool for many teenagers these days to help them cope with their anxiety and depression. There are several factors why teenagers now want to take their own lives. No matter what the reason is, you, as a parent should help your kids before the threats become real. For more information about our therapy options at Insight Treatment, please call (818) 532-5990 (Van Nuys), (626) 542-1090 (Pasadena) and (424) 201-2868 (El Segundo).