Insight Teen Counseling Big Bear Trip

Insight Teen  Counseling Big Bear Trip – November 15-17, 2019

Insight teen counseling believes in community. We believe that nature has an amazing way of bring teens together. We therefore just completed our fall trip to Big Bear where the kids had an opportunity to connect with their peers and learn to have fun while being sober and in treatment.

Insight teen counseling

Insight kids had an amazing time in Big Bear last year. Our kids get to build healthy relationships with their peers during these 3 day trips. Helicopter rides, hikes, off roading on a Jeep, rope climbing, boat ride and zip-lining are just some of the few things they get to do in Big bear together.

A strong community is important to ensure peer support and effective clinical groups where the kids can share, feel safe and supported by their peers.
Building confidence and acceptance in our teens, leads to a healthy and successful life.