Dr. Regine Muradian sits down with special guest, Robert Mack, to discuss teen mental health

Both are experts in teen mental health, both published authors and experienced in psychology.

Mack is a celebrity happiness coach as well and an expert in all things teen mental health, sponsored by Oprah.

Mack says self love is one of the best ways teens can learn to be patient with themselves and see the best in others as well.

Another aspect Mack and Muradian talk about is the importance of not being reactive to what the teen is bringing to the table.

Mack says challenging an opportunity by being a better role model and teaching self love to your child is very important as well as staying attentive to what your child is saying and making sure to be understanding is such an important aspect of communication with your teen.

Keeping your mind quiet, and maintaining a non-judgemental awareness and reflecting back with no judgment then normalizing their words, is the best way to properly communicate with your child according to Mack.

Oftentimes, giving them space will give them the opportunity to maintain a peaceful, centered presence in such a way, you are maintaining your own peace and joy as well.

Mack explains teens are more touched by what we feel and what we mean than what we say.

Mack explains that even if the child does something bad and get something like their phone taken away, he says they shouldn’t have love taken aways as well. That teaches the child unconditional love instead of conditional love.

Unconditional love will help teens feel they don’t need to perform for love which will greatly impact their mental health.

Muradian explains how much our childhood affects us as we often have triggers associated with certain aspects of life that can be tracked to our childhood.

Mack explains the dangerous grounds of seeking outside validation, and he tells Muradian that the ways in which we can improve our happiness is by focusing on happiness and focusing on the positive aspects of life.

The Insight Teen Hour in Santa Clarita is dedicated to raising awareness for teen mental health and providing the right information about how to be happy and ways to communicate with our teens.