Drug Abuse Treatment Los Angeles for Trauma and Addiction

The patients that we treat in our drug abuse treatment in Los Angeles have gone through a life-altering experience. They use and ultimately abuse drugs and alcohol to help them cope. Eventually, their addiction became so great they could no longer function properly. 

Overcoming Addiction through Drug Abuse Treatment in Los Angeles 

Addiction and trauma can have similar symptoms, but they are not related. During the counseling therapy with our specialists, our patients can finally see the connection of their traumatic past that triggered their addiction. 

The treatment that we offer here at Insight Treatment involves various programs, like dual diagnosis treatment cognitive behavioral therapy, and so forth. We offer a comprehensive program to give our patients a holistic approach so they can finally find healing. With the right treatment, you will not only treat your addiction but also your underlying trauma. 

Drug Abuse Treatment Los Angeles

Dual Diagnosis 

We offer dual diagnosis treatment for teens who seek in-depth services that include co-occurring disorders and addiction. 

Our recovery center offers a program that focuses not only on the addiction but also the underlying disorders that worsen the addiction. 

Insight’s perception of addiction is unique and it includes a slow approach. This method will include continuing care, detox, aftercare, etc. Each phase will address the needs of every client. 

Backed by Years of Research 

The treatment options that we offer are backed by years of research and observation. It helps address trauma and addiction. It is also useful in finding a way to overcome those two issues and more.

The evidence-based treatment includes programs like group counseling, intensive outpatient program, and our individual counseling program. 

To help you recover fully from drug addiction and traumatic experiences, we recommend undergoing a comprehensive treatment. Depending on your condition, your customized program may include extensive rehab ongoing aftercare and detox. The kind of treatment that you receive will hinge on the nature of your addiction. 

One of the unique things about Insight is that we provide different levels of care. Our program provides various options for drug and alcohol. The therapy solutions that we provide can also help with your traumatic experience. 

Our approach is based on customized and personal treatment. The patients that we have treated here have been to various rehab centers in Los Angeles. At Insight, we believe that to properly treat addiction, the core issues must first be dealt with. If not, the treatment will fail and the symptoms will persist. 

Since every person is unique, we evaluate our patients thoroughly to find the right solution that works. We do not offer a cookie-cutter approach to rehab that enables an individual to slip through the cracks. 

Our Insight treatment is a recognized dual diagnosis program designed for teens and their families. The treatment that we use will address any psychological, spiritual, academic and biological factors. 

To start the healing process, please contact us today to schedule an appointment  at our drug abuse treatment in Los Angeles. Call (888) 295-9995