Options for Heroin Addiction Treatment Pasadena CA

Heroin addiction can be one of the most difficult things that a person has to deal with. That’s why at Insight Treatment, we utilize various options to ensure effective treatment. Our heroin addiction treatment in Pasadena, CA involves support groups and lifestyle changes. We offer a holistic approach to treating heroin addiction to make sure that the patient will have a successful recovery. 

Detox at Heroin Addiction Treatment in Pasadena, CA

Detox is the initial step in overcoming heroin. It is a crucial step that requires the supervision of a team of professionals. Here at Insight Treatment, our healthcare professionals are trained to monitor you throughout the detoxification process. 

Withdrawal from heroin can be painful. The symptoms can last for weeks. There’s no sugar-coating it. That’s why we continuously monitor the patient to minimize any discomfort. We also provide certain remedies that can assist the body to readjust slowly. 

Continuous monitoring is vital because some patients will use heroin to relieve their intense pain. With our medical team, the withdrawal symptoms can be lessened. 

heroin addiction treatment in Pasadena CA


Relapse Prevention 

Staying sober is the most difficult part of treating heroin. Our intensive outpatient program will assist you in developing the necessary skills to fight the urge to use again. 

The recovery skills that you learn from here are customized for your experience, depending on your symptoms and so much more. 

The overall treatment that you get will help in preventing relapse and much more. We believe that any patient can recover fully from addiction, no matter what, as long as they’re provided with the chance to engage in natural healing. 

We do not use conventional drug rehab treatment. Rather, we utilize a multi-modality method to help teens in their personal growth while they are developing their skills. These skills are important to help them get through their adolescent years. 

Our treatment program also involves the parents. If our healthcare professionals believe that parents can benefit from it, then we urge the parents to undergo family counseling and enroll in a parent education program. It is a proven approach to get positive and long-term results. 

We believe that to stay sober, you must change the people, places and things surrounding you. In other words, you may need to stop hanging out with the same old people who will only ruin your sobriety. 

Heroin addiction has lasting effects on the brain. In other words, its effects can still linger even if the drug has been completely eradicated from the body. By attending a group support meeting, you can stop the temptations. That’s just one possible way that we can help your treatment. 

Treating your heroin addiction is possible. Our heroin addiction treatment in Pasadena, CA is just here waiting for you to get started with your sobriety journey. If you are not sure where or how to start, make sure to contact our team at (888) 295-9995.