Substance Abuse Counselor in Sherman Oaks CA About Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatment is increasingly popular today. It is no longer just a trend. It has been proven to treat many different symptoms, including alcoholism and substance abuse. At Insight Treatment, we have a substance abuse counselor in Sherman Oaks, CA that can be a major part of your healing. 

Substance Abuse Counselor in Sherman Oaks, CA

Our substance abuse counselor integrates holistic methods in our list of treatment options to completely heal our patients. 

The holistic treatment focuses on mind, body, and spirit. It includes relaxation techniques, nutrition, massage, meditation, and so much more. 

The goal here is to establish a feeling of calm and balance in the body and mind. When you achieve it, you will be relieved from stress. That can go a long way towards dealing with the underlying traumas and issues which contribute to the addiction. 

Substance Abuse Counselor in Sherman Oaks CA


One of the options in holistic therapy is meditation. We will teach you yoga and other meditation techniques to exercise not just your body but also your mind. This is vital because some alcoholics and drug addicts have difficulty gaining control of their lives. As a result, they depend too much on alcohol or alcohol to help them cope with whatever illness or depression they have. 

However, when you know how to calm yourself and remove all negative thoughts in your mind, you can stop yourself from drinking and taking illegal drugs. With meditation techniques, you can balance your body while putting your mind at ease. 


It is also vital that you are eating healthy foods. Most drug addicts and alcoholics suffer because of a poor diet and our bodies and minds cannot function well without proper nutrition. While it may not be the number one factor, if you lack energy, it could be more difficult to stop yourself from taking illegal drugs or drinking alcohol. 

As you start focusing on eating healthy food and taking nutritional supplements, you can improve your health. By doing that, you can start healing your mind and body. 

Nutritional therapy will also mean that you need to get rid of those sugars and additives from your diet. They are known to affect your body and mind negatively. 


Many recovering drug addicts have experienced positive results through massage. It relaxes the mind and body. 

And by integrating acupuncture, you can fully eliminate the imbalance in your energy as a result of substance abuse. These two can assist you in recovering from substance abuse while reducing your withdrawal symptoms. They can also help you prepare your journey to long-term sobriety. 

When you enroll in our treatment facility, you do not have to stay with us. Our set up is outpatient so you can continue studying while you enroll in our fully accredited distance learning programs. 

You will be in a safe environment as our substance abuse counselor in Sherman Oaks, CA will communicate with you to meet your educational needs. Before you can enroll, though, you need to get a full assessment from our counselors. Please contact our team to schedule your interview: (888) 295-9995.