Experts in Teen Rehab: Why Are Teens So Emotional and Impulsive?

If you take a good hard look at your kid, it’s easy to interpret their behavior as just looking for drama. But is it only just that? To answer one of the most important questions in psychology, many experts in teen rehab and pedagogy have touched the subject over the years. According to their findings, the brain is the reason for these emotional outbursts.

The enormous growth of nerve cells

Did you know that teens see their nerve cells grow 4-5 times faster than their adult counterparts do? In addition to this, myelin, a substance that helps conduct nerve impulses, proliferates at an astronomically high rate. Therefore, the teenage brain is never dull or static. With the rapid death and development of new brain cells, teens react to everything differently.

“Please, do everything in your power to be considerate,” urges child psychologist Jenna McFarlane, who has worked in the field of teen group therapy. “Teens are much more sensitive than adults and judging them only exacerbates existing problems in their lives.”

experts in teen rehab

The paradox of capability and judgment

It is widely known that teens are at their mental and physical peak. They are capable of doing everything adults do, so why are they still not considered adults? Because of their lack of rational judgment, which is one of the reasons your child may seem more emotional or impulsive. A reason for this lack of apparent rationality is the urge to explore.

Being a teenager is tough on the psyche of every young person. They can theoretically achieve anything and are therefore curious on how to accomplish their goals.

The problem with this urge to explore is that teens don’t consider risks when trying something. This is one of the main reasons why teens are prone to reckless driving, substance abuse and more.

Parents are in a difficult position

The teenage mind trusts friends more than parents because they can’t discern what’s good for them and what’s not. Since the mother or father has the task of making sure they are behaving responsibly, conflict quickly arises.

As a result, children start viewing their parents as enemies. This confuses the parents as well, resulting in miscommunication at every step.

What should a parent do to both give the teen space, but also keep them safe? The answer might scare a lot of you, but – let your kids live. Even if they want to try dangerous things, talk to them in a soothing voice and explain everything. When they hear you’re not yelling, they will feel more respected and tempers won’t flair.

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