Teen Mental Health Center New Year’s Celebration

We all face challenges in life. Each of us has our own obstacles. Every now and then, when possible, it’s important to take a break from everything. That can give a person new perspective and allow them to see their concerns in a new light. That’s important for the patients at our treatment center. It’s important for our therapists, too. As therapists, we hear people’s concerns and problems every day. We love what we do. It is challenging but rewarding work. It’s crucially important to be able to remove yourself from daily issues, if only for a day. That way, you can see even the most difficult clinical challenges from a different perspective. That’s what we did on our Insight Rehab holiday party.  

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Insight Treatment Plane Trip

We rented two planes for our company party. The idea was to be able to get away from things for a while, but also to see a new perspective on the city that we know so well. We were a little concerned ahead of time, as the forecast called for some rain. Despite that, we decided to go through with the trip anyway. After all, it’s important to not get burned out. To do this job right, a therapist has to balance work and private life. We do everything we can to make sure that our therapists have the right balance, so that they can succeed at work as well as in their lives outside of treatment.

A Day to Remember

If you’ve never seen Los Angeles (or whatever your home city or area may be) from above, if you get the opportunity you should absolutely do so. Perhaps, like us, you’ll be able to see a city that’s so hectic and congested when you’re in it look absolutely serene and beautiful from above. From thousands of feet in the sky, you don’t see the problems. The concerns aren’t visible. What you can see are the opportunities. You can see the beauty in full. It’s possible to see all of the progress that has been made, which isn’t always noticeable when you’re caught up in the daily grind.

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The Sun Nearby

It did rain while we were in the air. Instead of inhibiting our flight, it added so much to it. When we noticed rain, we also noticed something else: sun. In fact, when we saw the rain, we noticed that there were always spots of sunshine nearby. If you’d like to learn more about Insight Treatment, a teen mental health center, contact us at (888) 295-9995 or head to our site.